Pleiades Constellation - Zodiac Sign - Fused Glass

  • $25.00

The Pleaides star cluster is most easily seen on dark, moonless nights.  As one of the artist’s favorite constellations, The Pleiades resemble a “littlest dipper” and can be found near the constellation Orion.

Inspired by the actual star cluster, each feature of this fused glass artwork has been hand-crafted and kiln-formed for your enjoyment – day or night. Each “star” in the constellation has been selected to represent, as closely as possible, the apparent magnitude (brightness) of the actual star in the night sky. 

Each constellation requires 24-36 hours of kiln time and three separate firings.  When you look closely at the surrounding glass, the kiln-firing techniques used result in a wide variety of air bubbles, trapped between the layers of glass.  These bubbles were “added” to the glass to more closely resemble the multitude of stars in the night sky, forming the backdrop to The Pleiades constellation.

Item shown:
5" x 3" (approximate)
Optional candle holder display stand shown (not included in price)

Don't see the version that you want?  Custom orders are welcomed