Glass Tracks - Custom Order - Nightlight

  • $65.00


Introducing Glass Tracks!

Pet paw prints, baby hand prints and more!

Your best friend.

You are enjoying life and your time together.

What better time than NOW to capture their paw print and have it immortalized with beautiful, one of a kind, fused glass piece of art? Unlike other castings done after your pet has passed, this fun Glass Track is created together and in happy moments. Artistic beauty capturing love and true friendship.

 Sharon is an artist who specializes in fused glass work.

Animals, especially dogs, are one of the things Sharon enjoys most in this life. It is a passion fueled by love when Sharon is in the studio working on Paw prints for Red Dog Creations LLC clients.

The beauty of these paw prints is that they can be done anytime. In times of joy, when puppy first comes home, end of life, any time. 

You can even do a “Family Print” people hands with dog paw print.

 While dogs are often the most typically done obviously if you are brave enough to collect your cat’s paw print in the clay provided then a kitty print it will be!

(Human paws are also fun to do! New baby, just married, special occasion or time in life? Put your paw in our clay and let us create something beautiful together.

 If you have questions about other animal possibilities please call to see what we can do.

 **There is no time like the present to create a beautiful memory**.

 Red Dog Creations Llc, Memories made beautiful!