Chestahedron - Glass - Small

  • $85.00

This stained glass chestahedron is beautiful to see and it can also be used for energy working and healing. The Chestahedron is a new Sacred Geometry form. The Chestahedron was discovered by Frank Chester and it is the first seven-sided (heptahedron) platonic solid to have been discovered.

This piece is approximately 4" x 3" x 3"

MADE TO ORDER: Created in the Vortex-energy in our Sedona, Arizona studio

I have learned first-hand that the Chestahedron is a powerful tool for aligning one's chakras.
I work with a Chestrahedron each day to keep my chakras in alignment and to foster a high energetic vibration.

At my studio, Chestrahedrons in different colors and sizes are being continuously created. If you do not see the color or size that you want, let me know and I will create a custom Chestahedron for you!

I welcome the opportunity to create a custom Chestahedron to meet your needs.
In-stock chestahedrons and glass-colors ship more quickly than custom-ordered glass.
NOTE: Certain custom glass colors may have longer shipping lead times.

More information can be learned about the Chestahedron: