Natal (Birth) Chart - Medium

  • $70.00

Personalized Natal (Birth) Chart is beautifully handcrafted in fused glass.

These charts are created to celebrate many occasions: birth, weddings, marriages, hand-fasting, commitments, graduations, anniversaries, business openings, and more!

Each one-of-a-kind chart is designed to match your requirements. 

These pieces of art are available for hanging, for placement in a stand (stand included and may ship separately) or free-standing.

  1. Prices vary based on size and intricacy of design.
  2. Base-prices include standard colors and design.
  3. Each chart includes a basic PDF of the astrological chart.  Upgraded, custom PDFs options are available.
  4. LED candle not included
  5. Discounts available when more than one chart is ordered, in a single order

To Design YOUR one-of-a-kind chart, Contact