Astrological Fusion Collection is now Available!

Posted by Sharon Elizabeth Dinges on

Let's Design Your Personalized Natal (Birth) Chart, and more!



For Millennia, humankind has been guided by the Stars and Heavens. Ancient mariners and adventurers used the stars for navigation and many ancient cultures based life on the movements of the planets and other celestial bodies.

The Astrological Fusion ™ Collection allows you to incorporate this ancient wisdom in to every day life.

The Natal (Birth) Chart is your "fingerprint" for this lifetime. The location of the various celestial bodies - Sun, Moon, Planets, Major Asteroids, Constellations, etc. create the unique for each person.

The signs of the zodiac - your Sun-sign, Moon-sign, Rising (Ascendent) sign provide insights in to personality, interest, capabilities, and challenges.

The Astrological Fusion ™ Collection provides one-of-a-kind Art to incorporate Astrology and Astronomy in to the home. Whether making a selection for yourself, as a Birth-gift, Wedding-gift, family geneaology, and more, the Astrological Collection can be customized for each occasion and recipient.

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